As a young, sixth-generation Oregonian raised in a tiny town on the Northern Oregon Coast, Portland’s siren call was too great to resist. The moment I was old enough I packed my bags and headed for “The Big City”. I have been living and creating in this city I love for over 25 years; it is just as enchanting as it was the first time I visited… Portland is my Muse.

I make a home here with my fantastically Muppet like husband and the beatifically angst wrapped enigma that is my son. Our extraordinarily zany Cockapoo, Mr. Doo-dah-day, and the aptly named, Miss Calamity Jane Kitteh Cat, are gracious enough to share a home with us. As is the case with most creatives, my professional and artistic passions are abundant.

I have been telling stories longer than I have been able to walk. My father always jokes that I “started talking unusually early and never stopped.” I love words! As a child I was known for my wild descriptions of common objects as well as my entertaining recounting of family lore (I had my grandfather believing his own tall tales after I retold them). This affection for language has been a constant in my life, from the early days of my short story writing, to the tormented journaling years of my teens, and on through the many blogs I have authored in more recent years, the written word has been the one constant in my creative life.

Though I did a bit of technical writing during my previous career in the healthcare field, it wasn’t until attending graphic design school that I began to view writing as a professionally viable option for me. No matter the class or assignment, my instructor’s comments and critiques always involved my writing as well as the work I had turned in. It was a nudge from one such professor that made me realize my writing skills are just as important as any design or artistic abilities I possess.

Today I put my passion for telling stories to use professionally providing web content for blogs, artists statements for press and gallery packets, and product description for web sales. I am still writing short stories and have recently taken to haiku. My dream of dreams is to someday publish my larger works.



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